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Sarvann Putt Lyrics from Punjabi Songs (2016) is in beautiful voice of Ranjit Bawa. Another brilliant composition from Jatinder Shah . Check out the more info on the song:

Credit Details:

Sarvann Putt
Movie: Sarvann
Sung By: Ranjit Bawa
Music By: Jatinder Shah
Lyricist: Bir Singh

Sarvann Putt Lyrics – Ranjit Bawa

Saddi mehnatiyan di kaum te
Haaye jhooleya ki haner
Kaame putt ne hoche ho gaye

Oh sau putt ne hocche ho gaye
Ralge fukreyan di haid
Veera leke haath pastoldi

Ho veera leke hath pastoldi
Aakhan kithe lukeya sher ee(2 times)

Sarvann putt ni kal nu labne

O sarvann putt ni kal nu labne
Mirze veli honge dhair
Mirze veli honge dhair

Att chukki aithe vehladan
Oye puthe raaste chun (2 times)

Podhe rang bhirange rang de
Ho podhe rang bhirange rang de
Lenje tehde mehde bun
Launda jiddan je koi nagni

Ho launda jiddan je koi nagni
Koi daru de vich dhun
Aina hathyaaran de shauk ne

Ehna hathyaaran de shok ne
Kayi gharan ch paati sun
Oye sajjna gharan ch paati sun oye

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Track Running Time: 2:00

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