Berukhiyan Lyrics By Gagan Kokri

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Berukhiyan Lyrics from Punjabi Songs (2017) is in beautiful voice of Gagan Kokri. Another brilliant composition from Jassi Katyal . Check out the more info on the song:
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Song : Berukhiyan
Singer : Gagan Kokri
Lyrics : Deep Arraicha
Music : Jassi Katyal

Berukhiyan Lyrics by Gagan Kokri

Teri berukhiyan ve mahiya
Sahiyan na jaan
Gallan dil diyan dil vicho
Kahiyan na jaan (2 times)

Teri berukhiyan berukhiya
Berukhiya.. ve mahiya.. berukhiya

Ve ronde naina, ve sari raina
Je tainu daseya, te tu hass paina

Jithe jaake vasseya ae
Othe tera ki ve
Tere ton bagair
Mera lagda na jee ve
Lagda na jee ve

Ho yaadan wadh-wadh khaan
Yaadan wadh-wadh khaan
Teri berukhiya berukhiyan

Udeekan mainu teriyan
Tu layi jaave deriyan
Ve tere bina muk challe saah ve

Tu ghar aaja
Oh main ta tera takni aa raah ve
Tu ghar aaja soneya

Ve kinj samjhawan
Main tarle pawan
Je tu mil jaave
Main peer manawaan

Teriyan ibadatan ch din mere langde
Deep teri khair har saah de nal mangde
Saah de nal mangde

Tere utto kurbaan tere utto kurbaan
Teri berukhiyan
Dil diya dil vicho kahiyan na jaan
Berukhiyan ve mahiya ve heereya
Berukhiyan ve mahiya teri berukhiyan

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Track Running Time: 4:02
Music Label: SagaHits
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